Eden Funeral Plans

Do you wish to be buried?

All of our plans can be adapted for those who wish to be buried. Burial plots vary enormously in price depending on location. If you wish to be buried, please follow the process below to establish what effect, if any, it will have on the price of your funeral plan.

Do you already own your own burial plot?

If the answer is yes, there's no additional cost! On section 5 of the application form, simply record the cemetery, row number and plot number.

If the answer is no, call us today on 0800 781 7070 to obtain a plot price at your chosen cemetery. The price of your plot will be additional to the price of your plan.

You do not necessarily have to purchase your grave plot at the same time as you purchase your plan. You are welcome to leave the purchase of the plot until a later date. This will certainly be necessary if the cemetery in which you wish to be buried does not permit the pre-purchase of grave plots.

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