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Deciding between a traditional burial or a cremation can be a difficult decision for either the individual planning their own funeral or for those planning someone else's. There may be many factors to take into account including family traditions, beliefs or personal wishes.

If you decide that a cremation will be the type of funeral for yourself or a loved one, it can be carried out in a crematorium. This is a building where the cremation will be held and it is the direct alternative to holding a funeral at a church. There is often much more space to hold a service and they have a cemetery outside, although you may prefer to have the service at a church or an alternative location.

Cremation Costs

Costs usually vary depending on location, but all of our pre-paid plans cover you wherever you wish to be cremated in the UK.

Restrictions for Cremations

There are some restrictions on what can be cremated when somebody passes away. These includes materials such as metal. It's important to check with the funeral director to see which items are allowed to be part of the cremation.

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